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US Olympic Judo Coach, World Judo Champion and 2x Olympic Bronze Medalist, and one of the world's most studied and best grip fighters, Jimmy Pedro, has put together an online video series to share and teach you what it took him years of training, traveling, refining to learn.


Developed by his father Jim Pedro Sr and perfected by Jimmy Pedro. This system has propelled judo superstars such as Kayla Harrison, Travis Stevens and Marti Malloy to the Olympic & World Podium. 


By simply following the step-by-step directions, students and coaches will find it easy to develop world-class grip fighting skills.

Over 30 videos consisting of...

  • A complete insight into gripping sequences and gripping tactics
  • Throw more people!
  • Learn how to prevent from being thrown
  • Learn how to train to grip so that you can grip
  • Learn how to dominate your opponent
  • Lock your opponent and wrap him up in his own gi
  • Outmaneuver opponents that are bigger, heavier, and stronger than you
  • Learn how to coach gripping and grip fighting to your students
  • Grip breaking techniques that Jimmy has never shown before
  • Improve your gripping game!
  • Dirty little gripping secrets
  • BONUS VIDEO: How to avoid doing "stupid judo"


Jimmy Pedro clearly explains while demonstrating his gripping secrets and how you can elevate your grappling game to a whole other level regardless of what sport you participate in.


All compliant with the 2019 IJF Judo Rules unless otherwise stated within the video. 

The Ultimate Gripping System

  • As the buyer, each password given is linked to your account. Should you share your password with others your password will be changed and access to the Ultimate Gripping System will be revoked. No refunds will be given. No exceptions.

  • There are no refunds or cancellations for digital orders. All sales are final. 

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