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Camps & Clinics

If you are looking for a fun and unique way to increase membership and retention at your martial arts studio, motivate and inspire your students, incorporate grappling into your current curriculum, or add to your student's judo skills, book Jimmy Pedro for an appearance or seminar today.


"Every time I looked around the room it was filled with smiling faces and an elevated vigor to learn. One of the best seminars and experiences I’ve ever been a part of. "

- Tom Wheeler, Owner Olympus Jiu-Jitsu

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High Level Throws

Olympic quality throws for your judo and bjj students. Jimmy tailors the techniques to the classroom


World Class Gripping

Learn the same gripping system that propelled Jimmy, Kayla Harrison, Travis Stevens & Ronda Rousey to stardom.


Signature Newaza

From guard passes, arm locks, attacking the turtle and more, Jimmy is known around the world for his newaza excellence.


Leadership Training

Regardless of your goals, Jimmy is gifted in terms of motivating others to not just set goals but demolish them. 

Check Out Jimmy in action...


One of Jimmy's gifts is his ability to motivate and inspire others. Regardless of the sport you do or life you live, there is no doubt that Jimmy can energize and ignite your students to be the best versions of themselves.


Jimmy is known worldwide for his teaching and coaching abilities. Check out this FUJI Pro Tip of him breaking down a throw perfect for judo or BJJ.

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