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Olympic Judo footage Never Seen Before
When Jimmy Pedro competed at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, he was the favored to win the Gold Medal. However, that day he was beset with a series of misfortunes and walked away from the mat and his career without a victory. But after 2 years of retirement, and judo in is blood, he launched an unprecedented comeback and despite the odds against him, fought his way to glory at he 2004 Olympics Games in Athens

A comeback. . .
From the mat at his father's hometown Dojo to the mat at 4 Olympic Games, Jimmy shares his personal account of some gut-wrenching injuries, heartbreaking defeats, and glorious victories. He relays his story like no other can. 

Jimmy gives his insight into the training, the competitive strategies and the disciplne that it takes to become a champion in one of the most difficult of all combat sports. Filled with foootage of his greatest victories 

This story and DVD motivates you and your students with total and complete enjoyment.  It's a DVD that all should watch.    

Sensei and students alike have watched this over and over again to get motivated and inspired by world champion, Jimmy Pedro.

Fury on the Mat DVD

$40.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
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